Below are samples of original paintings along with reproductions ranging from reproducing a small watercolor by John Frederick Lewis (1804-1876) into a five foot oil painting and reproducing and personalizing a 19th century poster.


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Turkish Woman: Copy of Master Painter John Frederick Lewis (1804-76), oil on board. Commissioned.



Cecil 2015 (copyright), 20" x 20" Oil, Metal leaf, and 24 karat gold leaf on canvas. Painting produced to raise money for preservation and conservation of endangered and threatened species.


Toast to Noble Warriors, oil on board





Father and Daughter, Private commission, Acrylic on canvas, 2013.






Claire's Garden, oil on board featuring Marley, Ginger, and Doc. Commissioned





                                                  Puppy portrait on the wall! Acrylics, Commissioned






Wanna Trot? Oil on canvas






Autumn Coffee, Oil on board






Tweaked painting reproduction for client
Original 1895 Poster
Painting reproduction
Painting reproduction

Cycle Gladiator, oil on canvas, 33" x 52", 2016







Reproduction of a nineteenth century poster for Vicomte De Moulliac using Pol Roger instead! Acrylic on Board. Private commission: Client loves Pol Roger!






Oriental painting: Acrylics on dutch gold and canvas; the same painting shown reflecting different light







Painted Pillows: Acrylic on canvas Private commission.






Salute to Van Gough and Almond Blossoms. Acrylic on dutch silver and canvas with blue glaze.





Floor Cloth, 7' x 10', The Tropics


Oil on boards



Client's favorite Monet, reproduced from a post card
Both paintings are the same yet photographed in different light

Monet's The Studio Boat reproduction in oils



Wine in the Meadow, Oil on canvas

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