Murals are either produced on canvas, and then using professional wallpaper hangers, installed, or they are painted straight onto the client's walls.


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                             Acrylic on heavy paper and then placed with wallpaper paste on 2nd story wall.

                                                         Approximately 3' x 5', Acrylic on paper



Trompe l'oeil Bookshelf With 1st Edition Books
Map Mural

Map Mural placed on 16' high ceiling. Glazed painting using iridescent paints.  Map is approximately 4 sections 12' x 6' plus ceiling.

Client and I researched many old maps to find the time period we liked best and we decided upon 1600 thru 1700s. The composition is based on taking a horizontal section from the globe and placing it around the ceiling keeping the longitude and latitude lines as accurate as possible.




Tuscany Kitchen Mural 2015, Acrylic on Venetian Plaster



Below: Map mural up with vent covers glazed, defined with painted top edge, and night lighting. Please double-click for larger views.

Chandelier not yet installed.


Gold leaf drama masks applied to theater walls

The gold in low lighting. Client wanted drama masks to be elegant and not scary!






Christine's Unicorn,

3' x 5', Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas















Chinoiserie on Dining Room Walls

Acrylic on dining room walls with glaze.





Reproduced water damaged mural, matched original colors and design. Ceiling mural 8 ft. x 15 ft. Acrylic on canvas applied to ceiling.





                                                            Stencil and hand painted wall, acrylic





Whimsical Kitty Mural for Skylight


Client's cats on attic cover. Oil on canvas and then applied to attic cover using wallpaper paste.





Boys Room Solar System Mural, Mural covering attic door. Oil on canvas and then applied to attic cover using

wallpaper paste.

Amanda's Room, acrylic on wall.





Whimsical branch on wall, acrylic on wall.





Monopoly Board, Acrylic on canvas, 4 runners, 4' x 10' each to be placed around periphery of room . Guests are playing pieces. On top left picture a McDonald cup is placed on jail block to show scale.
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