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Verre Eglomise is a reverse painting on glass technique that has been around since before the Romans, falling in and out of style; however, there has never before been a time where so many luminous materials can be combined in so many ways to create the vibrant intensity and depth that can now be achieved. Learning materials and their compatibility has been as fundamental to my art as sentence structure is to a writer.  In that regard, I have been privileged to work with many conservationists, craftsmen, and artists who have shared their knowledge with me, and for that, I am very grateful. Since I was first presented with the challenge of restoring an eglomise panel from a Federal Neoclassical mirror I have been enamored by the translucent depth that glass brings to art. Starting in 2016, I decided to use all the knowledge and experience I had about glass painting to create works that combined pop art expressionism with abstract impressionism. I wanted the works to vibrate with intensity of color and rhythm of pattern to express the joy and challenge of being alive. Art Nouveau masters like Clement Massier with his use of iridescent pigments and the composition of the Daum Brothers have inspired me, along with Peter Max’s bold pop art palette that he infuses with oriental composition. The abundance of natural beauty and art that surrounds us every day continues to inspire me and I can only hope that you enjoy the glass art as much as I enjoy creating it.   The objects below are in private collections.  Available work can be found at and

Mary Mayhew



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