Hand Painted Eglomise Objet d’art in Private Collections


Each votive bowl has several layers of either dyes, pigments, binders, and/or iridescent/metallic

paints to produce effect as per reverse glass painting. Art Resin (a waterproof epoxy that is certifiedSafe for direct food contact by the FDA) is then applied over the interior for protection .  Although the objet d’art is waterproof,

it is NOT microwave safe due to the use of metals in some the paint combinations. When burning real candles, layerbottom with pebbles for easy clean-up and never leave a candle unattended.  LED white and colorchanging tea lights work extremely well. Wash inside with mild detergent and a soft cloth and the outside with glass cleaner. 

Lamps are lit using LED bulbs, white and various hues.

All objects are one of a kind although groups may be created using identical hues.



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